Low to High Cable Flyes

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 Low to High Cable Flyes

The cable flyes in chest workout are considered an early example of human-made man-made creations and the first mass-produced product whose origins were in a basement and which was intended for alternative use.

The bench press cannot perform the natural functions of the upper chest, which include flexion and horizontal adduction. The line of pull (and motion) of the clavicular pectoralis is nicely mirrored by low to high cable flyes. One of the best workouts available for enhancing the upper chest area up towards the collarbone is this one.

Tips for doing Low to High Cable Flyes

  • Your palms should be facing forward when you begin with two pulleys at the lowest position. The humerus on your upper arms should be roughly 30 degrees away from your sides.
  • Raise the handles up and together until they meet at shoulder level or a little higher by pulling your arms in toward your upper chest. The cables' course will resemble an upside-down V.

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