Best Under Desk Bikes

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When you sit at a desk all day, it's tugh to burn the calories you consume and increase your blood circulation, which can contribute to health problems and weight gain. Thankfully, under-desk bikes are now available, allowing us to keep physically active without having to leave the office. There are a few devices on the market that can help you tone your legs, increase your stamina, and improve your general health—all while keeping you active at work!

As a result, we've compiled a list of the best under desk bikes for 2022, as well as a wealth of advice on how to choose one. Nonetheless, consider this post an all-in-one shopping guide for your fitness adventure!

Best Under Desk Bike

Hausse Pedal Under Desk Bike

This pedal bike is ideal for beginners because the resistance can be adjusted to suit your needs. You can gradually increase the difficulty level as your strength and endurance improve. The LCD display of the Hausse under desk bike is powered by two AA batteries. For increased safety, this exercise bike has slip-resistant pads. It's lightweight and simple to put together, however it can be a little shaky at times. While it is compact and portable (measuring 13.7′′ x 15.7′′ x 11.6′′), it weighs roughly 7.5 pounds, making transportation challenging. The adjustable knob, portable grips, and adjustable footbands round out this fantastic under desk bike!

The Hausse's Portable Exercise Pedal Bike is a great complement to any work space! The bike has an LCD display so you can keep track of your progress in terms of calories burned, RPM, speed, distance, and other metrics. What's the best part? A 180-day product guarantee is included!


Wakeman Under Desk Bike

This under-desk bike is small, easy to use, and can be adjusted to meet your specific fitness demands. Do you want to tone your arms? Simply put it on your desktop and go about your routine. Do you want to pedal without resistance today? You can change the resistance to your liking. It comes with an electronic display that shows revolution count, time, RPM, calories burnt, and speed in a 5-function perspective. It measures 19.5′′ x 14′′ x 9.5′′, with a 4-inch pedal width and folded measurements of 13′′ x 14′′ x 6′′.

This under-desk bike is a great space saver! It's like a little pedal exerciser that fits beneath your desk and allows you to work out while working from home! You can have a smooth, quiet, and effective calory-burning session on the fly with the Wakeman pedal exerciser!


DeskCycle Under Desk Bike

This under-desk bike is made to fit below low-profile workstations (as low as 27-inches). The scan, speed, time, distance, and calories burned are all displayed on the 5-function LCD display. This DeskCycle Under Desk Cycle is whisper quiet, doesn't bother other people in the office, and has enough under-desk legroom to keep your legs from hitting the desk. Because the straps are firmly attached to the pedal and include adjustable velcro material, they hold the feet in position. There are no handles on any of the bike's sections, making it impossible to carry or move. It measures 24′′ x 20′′ x 10′′ and weighs roughly 23 pounds.

This Pedal Exerciser uses a revolutionary magnetic resistance mechanism that allows you to select from a variety of intensity levels. It's the ideal aerobic workout for calorie burn at the office, physical therapy, and even senior fitness! It has regulated resistance, assures quiet operation, and keeps you informed with real-time results.


YOSUDA Under Desk Bike 

YOSUDA's under-desk bike has eight different resistance levels to choose from. The bike has an inbuilt handle that makes it easier to transport to different locations and is tiny enough to fit in a small closet when not in use. With the simple directions supplied in the packing, the parts are easy to build and disassemble in less than 15 minutes. While the 15-inch height is suitable for most applications, it may not fit beneath desks with limited legroom. Furthermore, this exercise bike weighs approximately 22 pounds, has four anti-slip rubber pads for a secure grip on the ground, and an LCD monitor that measures your training progress!

The YOSUDA desk pedal bike is designed to help you stay in shape; it's great for leg and arm exercises. It's a low-impact little exercise bike that pedals more smoothly and quietly than its competitors! What you receive is a fresh, pleasant, and easy way to stay fit in the comfort of your own home or office, with 8 customizable resistance levels!


Sunny Health & Fitness Digital Monitor Desk Bike

This under-desk bike is lightweight, has a multifunctional digital monitor, and 8 levels of magnetic surface resistance. This Sunny Health and Fitness under desk bike has pedal straps for increased safety, as well as the option to tighten the screws to prevent the pedals from becoming loose and falling off. The pedals are non-slip and have a good stride length. Furthermore, this device's product measurements are 22′′ x 18′′ x 14.76′′, and it weighs roughly 21 lbs, making it a comparable option to its competitors!

Right from your work desk, this mini-exercise bike is a quick and handy method to get in a workout and combat a sedentary lifestyle! A sturdy and portable under-desk bike with a carrying handle that you can take with you wherever you go. If you're having trouble deciding on an under desk bike, this affordable yet useful alternative can help you make your next low-impact workout a quiet and consistent one!

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Buying Guide for the Best Under-Desk Bikes

What do you get when you put a bike under your desk?

Under-desk bikes are pedal-assisted cycling resistance machines that allow users to exercise while working. They are practical tools for people who are confined to their workstations, whether at work or at home. Because they are designed to be utilized with another ongoing activity, under-desk bikes may be the answer to your inability to multitask. Whether you're at your workplace or lounging in your living room,

When you use an under desk bike to your advantage, you will boost your focus while also increasing your productivity! Not only that, but you'll also burn calories and stay in shape. Consider it a walk-and-work kit.

The fact that standing desks and sit-stand desks have been proposed as alternatives to standard working desks is sufficient evidence that there is an issue with sitting at a desk all day. Sitting at a desk all day is not a healthy habit, according to health experts. Other hazards such as obesity and diabetes have been linked to the seeming lack of exercise that comes with sitting too long at a desk, aside from the visible numbness of the feet owing to the restriction of blood supply to the leg.

How do you put an under-desk bike together?

When it comes to setting up your under-desk cycle, comfort should come first. It's not uncommon for new users to begin pedaling by slamming their knees into the desk's bottom. There should be adequate space between the knees and the desk to avoid hitting them. This could include experimenting with different positions and altering the pedal height. Adjustable desks may also be handy for generating clearance under the desk so that knees do not collide with the desk.

What should one think about before purchasing an under-desk bike?

When it comes to the optimum expectations of under-desk cycles, everyone's interests, requirements, and preferences differ. Before purchasing an under-desk bike, keep the following aspects in mind:


The ease of assembly is the first consideration when purchasing an under-desk bike. Purchasing an under-desk bike that you are unable to properly assemble negates the purpose of the purchase. As a result, you should look for pre-assembled under-desk bikes or ones that can be put together quickly. The user manuals that come with the bikes may be of use.


Another item to consider before purchasing under-desk bikes is portability. A folding under-desk bike that can be simply packed and transported about will be great for persons who are frequently on the move. Rather than having two under-desk bikes, one at work and one at home, a single portable under-desk bike may be quickly folded and carried from home to work and vice versa.

Resistance can be changed.

You should also think about the resistance level while purchasing under-desk bikes. In an ideal world, you'd invest in an under-desk cycle that allows you to alter resistance levels on the go. At different moments, you may choose a different level of intensity. An under-desk cycle that prevents you from exercising your legs at the rate you choose could be a psychological barrier that keeps you from exercising. You have complete control over the intensity of your workout with adjustable resistance.

Low decibels

You don't want an under-desk cycle that produces noise when you start working out, whether you're working at home or in the workplace. To avoid being distracted and bothering others, you should get a bike that generates little or no noise.

Connectivity is an added benefit that users searching for optimal comfort should look for when selecting an under-desk bike. High-end under-desk bikes come with Bluetooth and wifi to make it easier to connect to other devices and track key statistics like heart rate, blood pressure, and calories burnt. Smart connectivity will also enable you to smoothly link your fitness routines with your exercises.

What are the prices of under-desk bikes?

Whatever your budget, an under-desk bike is available. You can acquire an under-desk bike for as little as $50, and there are even more expensive models that cost over $1,000!

 The final decision boils down to one thing and one thing only: regardless of price, you should buy a product that adds value to your lifestyle. However, it's critical that you do your homework first, and there's no reason to buy a very expensive under-desk bike. You're good to go as long as it meets your needs and improves your lifestyle!

What else should you know about an under-desk bike before you buy one?

It may take some time to get acclimated to under-desk bikes. As a result, you must be patient. Start with a low resistance level on your under desk bike and progressively increase the resistance until you reach a comfortable resistance that fits the intensity you wish. Starting with a high resistance level may quickly exhaust you, and your legs will soon be too sore to continue.

Under-desk bikes are primarily intended to strengthen the legs and muscles surrounding them. They are, however, developed and utilized for arm exercises as well.


They are effective. Users use under-desk bikes burn calories, keep healthy, and increase blood circulation. Aside from the physical benefits, under-desk bikes can help you stay focused and awake when working long hours at a desk.


Under-desk bikes and ellipticals are similar machines that are mostly used for leg exercises. Both of these items are great for usage under a desk. They do, however, exercise the leg in different ways. Like bicycles, under-desk bikes require the legs to move up and down in a circular pattern. Under-desk ellipticals, on the other hand, require you to move your legs forward and backward.


Yes, under-desk bikes can also be utilized to strengthen the arms. Simply take the bike out from under the desk and set it on a table or a higher platform. Then, just as with your legs, you lay your hands on the pedal and perform circular motions. Under-desk cycles have an edge over ellipticals in this regard.


Yes, under-desk bikes can assist in weight loss. Using under-desk bikes burns more than 100 calories per day on average (without breaking a sweat). You can burn up to 600 calories per week with a little more effort.

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