Best 500 LB Capacity Treadmill

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best 500 lb capacity treadmill

Exercise equipment is not difficult to locate; there are several alternatives. Finding decent high capacity workout equipment (400-500 lb) on the other hand is a completely different matter. Your selections are more restricted, and choosing the correct heavy-duty machine is much more vital for large persons.

We will discuss the top 400 to 500 lb capacity workout equipment available in 2022. We choose the greatest heavy duty equipment in each category, whether you want a 450 lb capacity exercise bike or a 500 lb capacity treadmill or elliptical.

If you're large, you'll want to find a cardio machine that will not only support your weight but will also be pleasant to use for extended sessions.

That is why simply glancing at a machine's specifications under "maximum user weight" is meaningless. You also want the workout to be pleasurable. Who wants their buttocks to suffer from a saggy bike seat? Nobody.

So we made certain that all of the exercise bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals we suggest include at least these two features. First, they feature a robust structure that can support a hefty person. Second, they are comfy even throughout extended workouts.

Sole E95 and E98 Elliptical Trainers (400 lb)

The Sole E95 and E98 elliptical trainers are identical standing elliptical machines with several features. We opted to compare the E95 and E98 because they are so similar. We shall discuss their distinctions later.

Both of these machines are designed for heavier persons, with a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds. That's fantastic news, especially given that most elliptical trainers have a maximum weight limit of 325 or 350 pounds.

Here are some of our favorite features of these ellipticals:

20-inch stride — Even for tall people, the stride is pleasant and lengthy. Because of this trainer's inclination capabilities, you may stretch your stride up to 22 inches. It demonstrates that Sole considered not just weight capability but also tall persons.

Luxury pedals - The pedals may be adjusted to up to ten different settings. This means you may keep experimenting with fresh micro-changes until your feet are content. It's fantastic. The more modifications a machine has, the more probable it is that it will match your body type. Furthermore, the pedals are wrapped with substantial padding designed to withstand the weight of heavier users.

Handles with several grips — The handles are padded and have a non-slip grip. They have the same strange D-shape as the RXT-1000 recumbent trainer (described above), which aids in finding the optimum grip and avoiding wrist inflammation.

Adjustable inclination — The E95 and E98 both have numerous elevation settings. This allows you to battle over heavier gravity on days when you're feeling adventurous, while also allowing you to do a lighter training session when your energy levels are low.

Adjustable resistance — In addition to the inclination, you may change the difficulty of the stride motion. A dual-wheel design is used to create tension, resulting in a smoother movement and less jolts to your joints.

Convenient resistance and inclination controls — The resistance and incline controls are conveniently situated on the multi-grip handles. This allows you to read your body while working out and modify the machine without stopping your stride.

10-inch LCD screen — This is the biggest display we've seen in an elliptical, and it's also quite simple to see. It includes all of the important training information as well as a few apps to make your workout more enjoyable.

Giant buttons — The buttons just beneath the screen are clearly labeled and sized for large fingers.

Smartphone compatibility — The Sole can link to your phone through Bluetooth to send exercise data directly from the trainer to your smartphone.

The Bluetooth speakers provided may play music from your phone without the use of any additional equipment or wires.

Can fit into small spaces — The floor footprint is 82 inches long and 31 inches broad. It's long but slimmer than most. If you have little additional space, you may find it simpler to create room for a thin rectangular object than a bulky square, which can be an advantage for most.

Smooth, smooth, smooth — The Sole E95 and E98 move with buttery smoothness. If you've ever used a cheap elliptical, you'll understand what we mean, and you'll love Sole's ellipticals.

Sturdy even at the highest 400 lb capacity — Many machines might advertise a high weight capacity of 350, 400, or even more pounds on paper. However, other than not falling apart, this does not ensure anything. You'd also like the machine to feel robust and steady throughout severe workout. That is one area where the Sole outperforms other ellipticals. Even when pushed to its limits, the Sole feels strong and substantial, with no mechanical noise.

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  • If you have particularly powerful legs, the resistance may feel too easy even at the maximum level, especially on the E95.
  • Low-quality accessories — The Bluetooth speakers, built-in fan, USB ports, and heart rate sensors do not appear to be of good quality. We believe Sole was more concerned with the machine's mechanics and ergonomics than with the accessories.
  • Low-tech display – Despite its size, the display is not touch-enabled. Physical buttons on the panel must be used to set options.

Some people find it too tall – If you have a low ceiling or are extremely tall, you may want to double-check your measurements. That is true for all ellipticals, but especially if the Sole is set to the highest inclination setting. The pedals may move up to 24 inches off the floor at the highest level of inclination. If you are above six feet tall and have an eight-foot ceiling, this might cause posture issues.

best 500 lb capacity treadmill

PysioStep RXT-1000 Elliptical

HCI Fitness' effort to build a 500 lb capacity workout equipment is the PhysioStep RXT-1000. Were they successful? Sure thing!

The PhysioStep RXT-1000 is a robust recumbent elliptical trainer. Let me clarify what a "recumbent elliptical trainer" is if you've never heard of one. This is similar to an elliptical trainer with the exception that you workout while sitting rather than standing as you would on a standard elliptical cross-trainer.

HCI Fitness is a well-known manufacturer of high-capacity and heavy-duty training equipment. Their devices are often utilized in clinics for morbidly obese weight reduction, those with mobility challenges, and rehabilitation.

This machine weights more than 300 pounds and isn't inexpensive, as you'd expect from a high-quality machine that can comfortably sustain someone weighing up to 500 pounds.

The RXT-1000 is designed for heavier users and is packed with features that make exercise safer and more comfortable for everyone, but especially for huge men and women.

Here are a few of our favorite features:

Big soft seat with curved back support — If you're a big person or gal, you'll like the fact that the seat is 15 inches broad and 11 inches deep. It adjusts in a diagonal route, giving you greater legroom the taller you set it. You may also change the angle of the backrest to suit your needs.

Giant footplate and heel cup - People with larger feet have larger feet. The RXT-1000 takes this into consideration completely. The footplate also has a non-slip diamond plate texture to help you stay steady and balanced while exercising.

Low step-over — The step-over area of the PhysioStep is conveniently near to the ground. It is positioned close to a big handlebar to make attachment as simple as possible.

The screen is nine inches across and has a large LCD display. It is well-lit and color-coded, making it simple to read even if you forget your glasses.

Full-body exercise — The grips and peddles move in unison. This allows you to choose whether you use your arms, legs, or both.

Smooth motion — The elliptical motion of the RXT-1000 feels more fluid and has less give than other machines in its class. This helps to reduce the impact on your joints to the greatest extent feasible.

Multiple grip possibilities — The odd-looking handles, with micro-fit adjustability and a contoured D-shaped design, also aid here. The D-shape provides a variety of angles to help you find the optimum grip while avoiding triggering your carpal tunnel syndrome.

Sixteen levels of resistance - It employs ECB (Eddy Current Resistance), resulting in a smooth motion. The difficulty spans from extremely easy to difficult, thus it is appropriate for users of all skill levels. Because this resistance is frictionless, the machine is silent. You may read or watch TV while exercising without distracting yourself or others. The LCD panel is used to modify the resistance, and the computer may store up to two individual users, each with their own preferences and settings.

The machine is self-powered, so you don't need to find a wall outlet to plug it into. Because of the machine's large footprint, finding a place for it may already be difficult. So not having to search for a nearby power outlet is a plus. Fortunately, the equipment has wheels that make moving it around a little simpler.


best 500 lb capacity treadmill


  • The RXT-1000 recumbent elliptical machine has few flaws. Still, if we're nitpicking, there are a few things we may mention:
  • For persons with really short arms, the handlebars may seem a little too broad. However, it is so easy to get used to that it should not be a problem for most people.
  • This isn't the tiniest machine in the world, measuring 48 inches long by 32 inches broad, so make sure you have enough space for it.

Last Word

If you're a large person or gal, the RXT-1000 should not disappoint. HCI Fitness is well-known for producing high-end cardio equipment with ergonomics that accommodate both small and large men.While we love traditional elliptical trainers, the fact that you work out on the RXT-1000 in a seated position (and its seat is spacious and comfy) is a considerable plus, particularly for heavy users.

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