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For The Ultimate Physique Transformation, Take The 30-Day Full Body Challenge

For The Ultimate Physique Transformation, Take The 30-Day Full Body Challenge

Trying out a fitness challenge is one of the best ways to get back in shape if you have been slacking on your fitness. A total-body exercise challenge will help tone and strengthen the majority of your muscle groups. You are encouraged to participate in such well-rounded full-body programs for these and other reasons. However, before beginning any exercise program, consult your doctor and a fitness coach. Try our 30-day full-body challenge if you're looking for a full-body workout you can do at home.

Our 30-day full-body challenge is very adaptable, as it can be completed by people of all fitness levels. This program can not only help you lose weight, but it can also help you gain muscle mass and burn calories. Above all, you must remember to eat well in order to achieve faster and more effective results. Let's get right to work on the challenge.

The 30-Day Full-Body Intense Challenge

The goal of this challenge is to keep you sweating and burning calories in order to help you lose weight. We've also included a variety of muscle-building exercises that you can do without any equipment to help you gain muscle mass. To begin this challenge, you must complete a five-minute warm-up session. Exercises such as high knees, jumping jacks, arm circles, walking knee hugs, and the Glute Bridge can be included in the session.

You can always switch up the exercises to suit your tastes. But first, make sure that the workouts you include plenty of warm-up exercises. Then, if you think your body isn't as prepared as you'd like before diving into the routine, feel free to extend the session.

The System

We'll head over to the circuit right after the warm-up. It includes the following activities:

  • Squats with your own weight

Because of their wide range of benefits, these exercises are a staple in most full-body challenges. Follow these steps to complete them:

  • Begin with your arms by your sides in a standing position.
  • Begin lowering yourself as if you were taking a seat. Maintain a straight back, forward-facing toes, and firmly pressed legs on the ground.
  • Squat until you feel comfortable, then hold for a second or two.
  • Return to a standing position and clench your glutes.
  • Rep ten times more.


The pushup exercise is the next exercise in this circuit. To do a pushup, follow these steps:

  • Place your palms on the floor directly beneath your shoulders to begin. Make sure your elbows aren't locked and extend your arms.
  • Stretch your legs behind you and rest your weight on your toes. From head to toe, your body must form a straight line. Throughout the movement, keep your back straight and your face down.
  • Allow your chest to be the first to graze the floor as you lower your body to the ground. It should be a few inches off the ground rather than on the floor.
  • Push back up after a second of holding.
  • Rep ten times more.

Instead of stretching the legs behind them, beginners can do the push up on their knees. Those in the intermediate and advanced levels can increase the number of sets they do, but remember to rest in between.


The plank is the next exercise in this challenge. Here's how it's done:

  • Begin by placing your forearms on the ground. Ensure that they are positioned directly beneath your shoulders.
  • Allow your legs to stretch behind you and your body to be parallel to the ground. From your head to your toes, it should form a straight line.
  • Hold this stance for 30-60 seconds, tightening your abdominal muscles. Beginners should begin by holding the plank for 20 seconds and gradually increase the duration as they gain proficiency.


Although most people despise burpees, they are an effective way to tone your entire body. Burpees are performed as follows:

  • Begin in a standing position, then lower yourself into a squat. Always keep your back straight and your abdominal muscles engaged.
  • You'll move into a high plank position instead of jumping back up. Keep your back straight and your arms directly beneath your shoulders once more.
  • Do a pushup while in this position, then jump back into a standing stance.
  • Rep ten times more.

Burpees are made up of several exercises, which can be intimidating for beginners. As a result, instead of focusing on beating the clock, they should concentrate on nailing the technique. Then, instead of jumping from the pushup to the standing position, they can do the pushup on their knees and walk out.


Due to their benefits in exercising various muscle groups, lunges are another useful exercise to include in a full-body challenge. To do a lunge, follow these steps:

  • Begin by standing up and taking one step forward with either leg.
  • Maintain a straight back and lower your back leg to just a few inches above the ground. In front of your body, your front leg should form a right angle.
  • To ensure that the behind leg can support the weight, make sure it is resting on the balls of the foot.
  • Complete ten reps on each side by moving up and down in a controlled manner.

Climbers on Mount Everest

This move imitates the movement of climbing a mountain, as the name implies. The core, legs, triceps, and shoulders are all targeted. To carry them out, follow these steps:

  • Stretch your legs behind you while resting your palms on the floor. Ensure that you're sitting on the balls of your feet, with your back straight and your arms directly beneath your shoulders.
  • Bring your left leg close to your chest, then bring your right leg close to your chest as you return to the starting position.
  • Once you've gained some momentum, pick up the pace.
  • On each leg, do at least 20 mountain climbers.

Crunch Your Abdominals

The abdominal crunch is also a great full-body workout that focuses on your core, upper body, and obliques. To do it, follow these steps:

  • Bend your knees and lie flat on your back. Maintain a firm grip on the ground.
  • Raise your shoulders and head off the ground by folding your arms across your chest. Remember to keep your abdominal muscles engaged while doing this.
  • Lift until you reach a comfortable position, then pause at the top of the movement before lowering to the ground.
  • Rep 15 times more.


You will need to use a set of stairs to complete this exercise. If you don't have access to one, look for a lower bench or an elevated platform. Step-ups are performed as follows:

  • Place one foot on the elevated platform and stand in front of it.
  • Before stepping back to the original position, lift your body onto the step to place the other foot on the platform.
  • Maintain a straight back and remember to tighten your core muscles throughout the movement to engage your core muscles.

Twists from Russia

This exercise involves some twisting, as the name implies. An example of how it's done is as follows:

  • Start by sitting on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you.
  • Lean back slowly and create a V shape with your body.
  • Start by clasping your hands together and twisting your torso to one side, while keeping your legs still.
  • Make an effort to complete this exercise for 45 to 60 seconds.

Note: Advanced and intermediate fitness levels can hold weights for a higher level of intensity. Beginners should avoid using weights at first.

What Can You Expect From The Full Body 30-Day Challenge?

Of course, sticking to this challenge will allow you to burn calories and achieve a more defined body shape. However, as your body becomes sore on day 1 of the 30-day full-body challenge, you may wonder why you signed up for it. This is especially true if you've been neglecting your health.

However, as time goes on, you'll notice that you're able to complete these exercises more quickly and with greater control. If you want to make this challenge more difficult, try doing multiple sets. However, make sure you consult with a healthcare professional before making this decision.

Last Word

The 30-day full-body challenge that follows can help you achieve a variety of fitness goals. These include calorie burning for weight loss, muscle building, and body toning. It consists of simple exercises that even beginners can complete.

However, before beginning this exercise program, consult your healthcare provider. Throughout these 30 days, pay attention to your body. If you have any pains or aches, stop exercising and seek medical help right away.

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