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Online Kickboxing Classes at Their Finest

Online Kickboxing Classes at Their Finest

Kickboxing classes are known for their high-intensity workouts that leave you sweating profusely. These mixed-martial-arts workouts combine cardio, speed, and power with boxing moves that work every muscle in your body. What's even better? They're ideal for workouts at home.

We've got you covered if you're ready to punch, kick, and jab your way into great shape. Online kickboxing classes from studios that offer on-demand, subscription-based programs, as well as a few free workouts, are included in this roundup. With that in mind, here are our top picks for the best kickboxing classes available online.

 TITLE Boxing Club


  • Subscriptions cost around $20 per month.
  • iOS and Android are the two platforms available.
  • Time: 30 minutes; all classes are 5 to 45 minutes long.

Why Did We Pick It? The Kickboxing Class with Sarah at TITLE Boxing Club is a total-body workout that teaches three-minute rounds of kicking and punching combos.

  • The boxing workouts are the focus of the Pros App.
  • Boxing, kickboxing, speed, and strength are among the classes offered.
  • Free trial for 7 days


  • Some classes necessitate the use of equipment.
  • Certain musculoskeletal injuries may make boxing and kickboxing contraindicated.
  • Kickboxing classes are more expensive than other fitness apps.

TITLE Boxing Club, our top pick, offers an online mix of boxing, kickboxing, strength, agility, and recovery workouts.

The On Demand classes, which are based on their studio workouts, are a total-body workout that builds strength, burns calories, and improves mental stamina. TITLE Boxing's website offers several free lessons so you can try before you buy.

Kickboxing with Sarah London is a 30-minute intermediate-to-advanced-level workout that strengthens your lower body while working your entire body. After a brief warm-up, the course moves into four three-minute rounds of intermediate kicking and punching combos, with a one-minute break in between. After that, there's a cooldown period and a core series.

The kickboxing section of TITLE's website has lessons available. Sarah will also lead a free 45-minute kickboxing class.

For new users, TITLE Boxing Club On Demand offers a seven-day trial. After that, you can join TITLE On Demand for around $20 per month or $220 if you pay in advance. Courses can be streamed from any device, at any time. Join Now. 

 Fitness Blender


  • The class is free, but the subscription costs around $12 per month.
  • Website-based platforms
  • All classes range from 5 minutes to more than 60 minutes in length.

Why Did We Pick It? Fitness Blender is one of the most comprehensive fitness programs available online, with the majority of the content available for free. The team's kickboxing and boxing classes cater to people of all ages, skill levels, and abilities.


  • The moves, rounds, and intervals are all described in detail in class.
  • The majority of the classes and content on the site are available for free.
  • Verbal and visual cues that are clear and easy to understand


  • The cardio level may be too high for beginners.
  • There is no music in class.
  • There is no mobile app available.

When something is free, it is always thought to be the best option for your budget. However, just because it is free does not mean you will not get a great workout. Fitness Blender's Cardio Kickboxing workout is a good example.

An eight-minute warm-up precedes a 19-minute cardio kickboxing routine in this workout. The cardio kickboxing lesson, taught by Fitness Blender co-founder Daniel Segars, includes boxing moves like the jab, cross, ducking stance, uppercut, hook, shin block, high kick, front kick, and more. In this class, he skips the music to make the cues easier to follow. You can, however, always play your own music.

Fitness Blender is a free online fitness program with videos for people of all fitness levels. If you enjoy kickboxing, try some of the other popular options, such as HIIT, core, straight training, stretching, low-impact cardio, and more.

Fitness Blender has a Plus plan that gives you access to even more videos, challenges, custom workouts, and support in addition to the thousands of free classes. When you pay as you go, Fitness Blender Plus will cost you around $12 per month after a one-week trial. If you sign up for auto-pay, you'll be charged $9 per month or $80 per year.

Les Mills


Pricing: The class is free on YouTube; a monthly subscription costs around $15.
iOS and Android are the two platforms available.
Time: 41 minutes; all classes are 15 to 55 minutes long.
Why Did We Pick It? Les Mills BODYCOMBAT's INVINCIBLE workout includes 40-plus minutes of martial-arts-inspired moves like kicks, jabs, and punches that are suitable for all fitness levels.

  • can tailor each workout to your specific needs.
  • There are three instructors in this class.
  • Free trial for 14 days


  • Some classes necessitate the use of equipment.
  • Over the beat of music, it can be difficult to hear the instructor.
  • Subscription includes a wide range of classes that aren't solely focused on kickboxing.

Les Mills' BODYCOMBAT program is a high-intensity martial arts-inspired program with 55-, 45-, and 30-minute classes. This is our top pick for all levels because each workout can be tailored to your specific needs.

The instructors always provide options for you to work at your own pace during each lesson. You'll get a total-body workout that burns calories, improves aerobic endurance, and targets every muscle group in your body.

The INVINCIBLE Workout #14 is a 41-minute martial arts-inspired workout with punches, jabs, kicks, and a hint of Muay Thai. During this high-intensity kickboxing class, three instructors take the stage, with synced moves and excellent cueing from the lead teacher.

You can sign up for BODYCOMBAT's online subscription program once you've had a taste of what it has to offer. Les Mills On Demand will cost around $15 per month after a free 14-day trial, with lower rates if you prepay for a year. Strength training, martial arts, yoga, cycling, barre, and sports conditioning are all available through the global fitness app.

Daily Burn


Subscriptions cost around $20 per month.
iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Chromecast are all supported platforms.
6-week cardio kickboxing program; each class should last no more than 30 minutes.
Why Did We Pick It? Undefeated from Daily Burn was chosen because of its comprehensive six-week kickboxing program, which includes nine intermediate-level classes.


  • The six-week program will keep you focused and motivated.
  • Each class lasts no more than 30 minutes.
  • A 30-day trial of the app is available.


  • Additional fees are required for some programs.
  • Kickboxing classes are more expensive than other fitness apps.
  • There are only a few stand-alone kickboxing classes available.
  • If one class isn't enough, try Daily Burn's six-week calorie-burning cardio kickboxing program.

This specialized program, taught by Phoenix and Anja, will put your cardio endurance to the test, strengthen your muscles, and improve your focus and balance. You will complete nine intermediate-level workouts in this course, each lasting 30 minutes or less.

Traditional kickboxing and authentic martial arts-inspired training are combined in sessions that emphasize HIIT, cardio kick, MMA drills, force, power, mobility, and core. There's an online schedule that breaks down all of the workouts week by week to help you get the best results. Because it requires stamina, strength, flexibility, balance, and agility, this workout series is more challenging and appropriate for intermediate and advanced fitness levels. You might want to skip this one if you're new to exercise.

Daily Burn offers a 30-day free trial during which you can try out the Undefeated kickboxing program as well as the rest of the company's fitness programs. After your trial period has ended, a premium plan subscription will cost around $20 per month.

Crunch Live

  • Subscription costs around $10 per month; Crunch gym members get it for free.
  • The two platforms that are available are iOS and Android.
  • Duration: 20 minutes or more; all classes are 15 to 30 minutes long.
  • Why Did We Pick It? If you're looking for a running coach, Daily Burn is a great option. Personal coaching, customized training plans, and guided runs are all available through this app.


  • Crunch gym members get free online workouts.
  • Crunch Live offers a generous free trial period.
  • The instructor gives clear verbal instructions.


  • There aren't as many online workouts as there are on other fitness apps.
  • There are only a few stand-alone kickboxing classes available.
  • The majority of classes last 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Crunch is best known for its gyms, but the company is also a leader in the online fitness industry.

Crunch Live, the company's online platform, provides cutting-edge lessons with unlimited access, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Crunch Live offers a Kick Butt Kickboxing class for members who want to get in shape by punching and kicking their way to better health.

Crunch Live provides a generous 90-day free trial period. You can access the online courses for free if you have a Crunch gym membership. Crunch Live costs $10 per month otherwise. If you really want to save money, go with the $90 annual plan, which includes three free months.

Studio SWEAT

  • Subscriptions cost around $20 per month.
  • The two platforms available are iOS and Android.
  • App has classes of varying lengths; duration: 68 minutes
Why Did We Pick It? Studio SWEAT's calorie-burning 68-minute kickboxing and cycling combo class is one of our favorites. You'll not only get a great kickboxing workout, but you'll also cycle for 40 minutes.


  • For a total body workout, this class combines kickboxing and cycling.
  • Basic boxing and kickboxing sessions, as well as cardio classes, are included in the app.
  • Instructors maintain a consistent pace and provide excellent verbal cues.


  • The kickboxing portion of the class is significantly less time consuming than the cycling portion.
  • The monthly subscription is slightly more expensive than other kickboxing apps.
  • Connecting to workout plans, motivational messages, and tips requires additional fees.

The 68-minute Cycle Kickbox Combo Crusher is part of Studio SWEAT's Spin and Sculpt series, which is designed to burn calories, crush your core, increase cardio capacity, and make you sweat like you've never sweated before.

Cat Kom, a master cycling instructor, and Chavva, a kickboxing pro, co-lead this action-packed class, which combines a 40-minute leg-sculpting, calorie-burning cycling course with a 25-minute kickboxing session. Intermediate and advanced fitness levels will benefit from this combination workout. If cycling isn't your thing, Studio SWEAT also offers kickboxing cardio and fundamental sessions to help you get in fighting shape.

Studio SWEAT will cost you around $20 per month after a free seven-day trial, with lower monthly rates if you prepay for six or twelve months. If you pay an extra $5 per month for a Backstage Pass, you'll receive weekly workout plans, nutrition advice, and motivational messages tailored to your specific goals.

Not sure if a monthly membership is right for you? It's no problem. Single-class downloads are also available for around $8 each from Studio SWEAT. Once you've "purchased" the class, you can watch it on your device as many times as you want.

Sobekick Gym

  • Subscriptions cost around $30 per month.
  • There are two platforms to choose from: iOS and Android.
  • App has classes of varying lengths; duration: 60 minutes
Why Did We Pick It? If you're looking for technical instruction, the Sobekick Core T4 Boxing and Total Body Series class is a good choice because it emphasizes footwork, striking, and defense techniques, among other things.


  • Techniques used in boxing matches and fighting competitions are covered in the Pros Class.
  • Boxing and kickboxing are the focus of the app and subscription service.
  • Yoga, circuit boxing, core, plyo box, and other classes are available.


  • For beginner to intermediate kickboxing and boxing levels, technical instruction may be too advanced.
  • The cost of the subscription is higher than that of other kickboxing apps.
  • The app isn't as easy to use as other fitness apps.

The Core T4 Boxing and Total Body series will provide a challenging and highly technical workout for advanced fitness levels and experienced kickboxers.

This 60-minute class, led by Tony Thomas, covers heavy bag work, foot skills, striking, defense techniques, and more. Thomas teaches techniques that can be found in boxing matches and fight competitions.

Sobekick Gym provides a 14-day free trial with unlimited online lessons. If you like what you see, you can keep taking live and on-demand lessons for about $29 per month or $199 for the year.

Sobekick also offers plyo boxing, yoga, circuit boxing, and other activities in addition to boxing and kickboxing. Access to hundreds of original and previously recorded courses is included with subscriptions.

What Are the Benefits of Online Kickboxing Classes?

Online kickboxing classes combine fast-paced cardio with kickboxing techniques like jabs and roundhouse kicks in a martial arts-based workout. They're either livestreaming classes or on-demand workouts that can be viewed from the comfort of your own home.

Kickboxing classes are a great way to get a cardio and strength training workout while also learning some basic self-defense moves and burning calories. If you've never tried kickboxing before, online classes allow you to do so in the comfort of your own home.

What Are the Costs of Online Kickboxing Classes?

Some online kickboxing classes are free, while others charge a monthly fee. Monthly memberships cost between $10 and $30, with discounts available for longer commitments. Most classes offer a free trial period so you can try out the class before committing to a membership.

What Should I Wear to a Kickboxing Class Online?

Kickboxing gear should be comfortable and allow for a full range of motion, allowing you to easily move, kick, punch, and jab. Choose breathable, wicking fabrics because you'll be sweating a lot. Make sure you're wearing athletic shoes with plenty of traction and stability for side-to-side movements.


Our top picks for the best online kickboxing classes include a mix of free and paid lessons taught by professional instructors and personal trainers. Crunch Live's Kick Butt Kickboxing class was our top pick for beginners, with Sobekick Gym's Core T4 Boxing and Total Body Series rounding out the lineup for the most advanced.

We also highlighted a six-week program from Daily Burn that is ideal for anyone who needs a little more structure in their life. What's the best part? All of these kickboxing lessons can be viewed on a phone, tablet, computer, or television.

Is it possible to do kickboxing at home without any special equipment?

Kickboxing, on the other hand, does not require expensive equipment or a large amount of room to work up a sweat, burn calories, and tone up. Shanie "Smash" Rusth, one of my favorite trainers on the app, claims that an excellent kickboxing workout can be done anywhere without a boxing bag or gloves.

Is kickboxing effective for weight loss?

Kickboxing is an aerobic workout that might help you lose weight by burning calories. Elite and amateur kickboxers have larger muscle mass and lower body fat percentages, according to research. Kickboxing can burn 372 calories in 30 minutes for someone weighing 155 pounds.

Is 30 minutes of kickboxing okay?

This method will help you increase your cardiovascular fitness, burn fat, and develop a strong core and lean muscles. 30 minutes is the ideal amount of time to increase strength. All you have to do now is make sure you're working the major muscular parts like the chest, legs, and back.

Can I learn kickboxing on my own?

Prepare Yourself Without any equipment, you may master the fundamentals of kickboxing. Shadowboxing is a great technique to improve your punching, kicking, and movement. Having some equipment, on the other hand, will assist you in taking your training to the next level.

Is it safe to kickbox every day?

The amount of times you should kickbox per week is entirely based on your objectives and current fitness level. If your body is decommissioned, two kickboxing lessons per week, spread out with at least a few days in between, is definitely the best option.

Is kickboxing effective in self-defense?

Even though you don't learn grappling or ground combat in kickboxing, it's a very powerful self-defense technique. You'll become physically fit and strong, and you'll learn how to read your adversary and respond swiftly and precisely. Kickboxing is about more than just hitting and kicking.

Is a punching bag required for kickboxing?

Yes, in a nutshell, and here's why. A punching bag lets you practice practically every motion you'd employ in a regular boxing or kickboxing contest. Shadowboxing is a type of training that involves practicing against air. A punching bag provides resistance as well as the appearance of an opponent.

What makes boxing and kickboxing so different?

The fundamental difference between the two is that kickboxing allows both hands and feet to be utilized, whereas boxing only allows for the use of the hands. Kickboxing also uses punches and kicks, whereas boxing uses punches and blocks.

Is kickboxing a high-intensity interval training workout?


It's a type of workout in which you do heavy work for brief periods of time while switching back and forth between active and recovery activity. Kickboxing is an excellent example of HIIT since you alternate between intense exercise and relaxation periods.

What are some of the drawbacks of kickboxing?

For some people, kickboxing classes may have a high learning curve.

  • Kickboxing's Drawbacks
  • Using incorrect form.
  • Speed or intensity that is excessive.
  • Fast-paced music in class (over 140 beats per minute)
  • Excessive physical activity (over four times per week)

Is kickboxing good for your abs?

Many of the exercises put a lot of strain on the glutes. Kickboxing can help you create bigger, stronger glutes by combining separate glute strength routines with an aerobic workout.

Is kickboxing preferable than the gym?

The gym is excellent for stress relief, but kickboxing is much better. Why? Kickboxing is a completely natural way to relieve stress. Many of you may have had the feeling of being so overwhelmed that all you want to do is lash out and smash something.

How much weight can you lose doing kickboxing in a month?

In a 50-minute lesson, a person will burn 350-450 calories. Assuming you do not consume more calories than your body can burn and add a kickboxing session three times per week, you will burn an additional 1,200 calories each week.

Which is more effective: kickboxing or karate?

Both of these martial techniques can be used to defend oneself. However, the power of Kickboxing cannot be underestimated. As a result, it is a little more powerful than Karate when it comes to defending yourself against any attack. You approach the attacker much more aggressively, oblivious to the potential for damage.

Is taekwondo a superior sport to kickboxing?

Taekwondo is significantly safer than kickboxing because it involves far less head hits and focuses more on kicks. Yes, Taekwondo can cause injuries, but so can other hitting arts and sports in general. Taekwondo is far less dangerous than most other martial arts.

Can you get abs with kickboxing?

Kickboxing improves the appearance of your abs and the strength of your obliques and spinal erectors. The upper torso, which comprises the chest, upper back, trapezius, and neck muscles, is also affected by kickboxing.

Last Word

All of the online kickboxing classes in this roundup are worthwhile additions to your fitness regimen. They're all taught by experienced instructors and follow a safe and effective format, but TITLE Boxing Club, and specifically Sarah London's 30-minute class, stands out. It's suitable for intermediate to advanced levels, though beginners may enjoy the challenge, and it'll give you a good kickboxing workout. Sobekick Gym's Core T4 Boxing and Total Body series are ideal for boxing fans looking for technical instruction. Finally, if you're new to kickboxing or just want a quick workout without having to pay for a subscription, try Fitness Blender's Cardio Kickboxing class.

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