What Is Yoga

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What exactly is yoga?

 What exactly is yoga?

When the term "yoga" is added, it emphasizes that it is a full path in and of itself. When the term "yoga" is added, it emphasizes that it is a full path in and of itself.

How should it be approached if it is a complete path on its own? You could approach it one way if it was just a simple practice or exercise. It could be approached differently if it were an art form or simply entertainment. All of these words are used because they are common in today's world. People use terms like "recreational Yoga," "health Yoga," and "art form," as if they are doing Yoga a favor by referring to it as such. No. When you add the word "yoga," it implies that it is a complete path in and of itself. The term "Yoga"

Basically, it means "that which brings you to reality." It literally means "union." Union implies that it leads to the ultimate reality, in which individual manifestations of life are surface bubbles in the process of creation. From the same soil, a coconut tree and a mango tree have lately emerged. The human body, like that of many other animals, evolved from the same planet. It's all the same planet, after all. Yoga comprises a journey toward an experiential reality in which one learns about the ultimate nature of existence and how it is formed.

The name "yoga" literally translates to "something which returns you to reality."

Yoga refers to union as a state of being rather than an idea, philosophy, or concept that you imbibe. If you believe in the commonality of the universe as an intellectual idea, it may make you popular at a tea party and provide you with a certain social status, but it serves no other purpose. You'll see, when it comes down to money – it doesn't even have to come down to life and death – when it comes down to money, "This is me, that is you."

There is no doubt about it; you and I are not one and the same. It actually harms the individual if you believe that everything is one. People do all kinds of stupid things because they have this notion that everyone is one, until someone teaches them a good lesson and they realize, "This is me, that is you." There is no way to be one." If it becomes an experiential reality, it will not produce any immature behavior. It will provide a life-changing experience. Individuality is a concept. Universality is not a concept; it is a fact. In other words, Yoga entails burying all of your ideas.

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