Why Do Energy Drinks Make Me Tired

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Why Do Energy Drinks Make Me Tired

 Imagine going to the bank and taking out a loan because you don't have enough money to buy something vital. Energy drinks are similar to the loan you take when you don't have time to rest and sleep but still want to stay alert and energized.

However, as you may be aware, loans can cause more harm than benefit. That is why you are correct in claiming that energy drinks do not work on me.

But why is it the case? You may wonder why energy drinks make me tired. Let's investigate!

Why Do I Get Tired From Energy Drinks?

What comes to mind when you have a last-minute project and no time to sleep? Let's get a cup of coffee started. Alternatively, how about a shot of red bull?

Whatever method you choose to stay hydrated, whether it's red bull, coffee, or another energy drink, you shouldn't feel fatigued, right?

After all, the key constituents in energy drinks, caffeine and sugar, are stimulants. They give your brain rapid energy and alertness, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand rather than the rest you should be getting.

So, why are energy drinks so exhausting?

Sugar and caffeine, which can make you sleepy or fatigued, are to blame.

What Makes You Tired When You Eat Sugar?

1) Sugar depletes your nutrition: Sugar's fructose and glucose require a large amount of nutrients from our bodies to oxidize and metabolize.

Sugars thereby displace a portion of nutritionally superior items from our diet, depriving our bodies of their benefits. A large portion of this nutrients is required to maintain our organs active and energized.

2) Sugars harm mitochondria 

Most of us use energy drinks that include refined sugar. Refined sugar can harm our mitochondria, which are responsible for converting energy from our diet into energy that our cells can utilise.

This process does not occur when mitochondria are destroyed, and the body does not receive the energy it requires.

Sugar is a carbohydrate, hence it lowers orexin levels. It digests swiftly and provides immediate energy. You will become fatigued as soon as the sugar influence wears off. This occurs because carbohydrate reduces orexin levels.

What exactly is orexin? It's a multipurpose neurotransmitter that has an impact on our mood and energy levels. It also regulates our eating habits and sleep/wake cycles. Low orexin causes your body to lose control of its energy levels, making you fatigued and drowsy quickly.

Avoid sugary energy drinks as a remedy. But sometimes, even that is insufficient.

If you've tried sugar-free energy drinks, you can still be fatigued for no apparent reason.

It's past time for us to respond to your query about why sugar-free energy drinks make me sleepy. The quick answer is "caffeine." Let's take a closer look.

Caffeine and Sleep: How Does It Work?

Caffeine is a well-known stimulant. It wakes you up by stimulating your brain and nerve system. It's usually one of the first recommendations for drowsiness or headache alleviation.

Caffeine can be found in teas, coffees, cacao plants, and, of course, energy drinks, and it can help you stay awake and aware.

However, this friend does not remain a friend for long. This leads us to your question.

Why does coffee put me to sleep so quickly?

1) Caffeine is a diuretic: Does coffee cause you to become dehydrated?

That's correct! Caffeine induces increased urine when used in excess of 4-5 cups per day. Its diuretic properties can result in dehydration.

Fluid loss is important for a variety of biological functions, including keeping you active and awake. That's why, as soon as you drink another cup of coffee, you become dehydrated and lose your vitality.

2) You may have developed a caffeine tolerance

Imagine your mother splashing water on your forehead to wake you awake. That might work for a few days. However, it won't come as a surprise to you in the end, and you may be able to sleep again after the splash.

When you drink coffee or other caffeinated energy drink on a regular basis, your body reacts in this way. It becomes accustomed to it.

3) Caffeine blocks adenosine receptors

Caffeine works by inhibiting adenosine receptors to make you feel awake. The neurotransmitter adenosine is in charge of your sleep. You don't feel tired when its receptors are blocked.

However, this does not imply that the body is no longer making it. And after your body has more adenosine than it can manage, or when the caffeine wears off, you'll feel drowsy as a result of all that created and inhibited adenosine.

4) Your body reacts to coffee differently

 For some persons suffering from anxiety and depression, even five shots of espresso may be ineffective. One shot of espresso, on the other hand, may be too much for certain caffeine-sensitive folks.

Caffeine may or may not be effective for you, depending on your health problems. In this instance, a doctor's examination is recommended.

6 Energy Drink Alternatives to Stay Awake

Avoiding energy beverages like coffee and red bull is the greatest method to wake up and stay refreshed without the risk of jitters and unexplainable weariness.

Here are 6 caffeine-free and refined sugar-free natural drinks to help you stay awake and work on your dreams.

  • Wheatgrass extract
  • Coconut juice
  • Decaf coffee Green tea
  • Juice from sugarcane
  • Water with lemon

If you enjoy sweet drinks, leave off the sugar or artificial sweeteners. Natural sweeteners include honey, agave nectar, and stevia leaves.

Other alternatives to caffeine and sugar, such as breathing exercises, can help you stay awake.

Last Word

The truth has been revealed! You now have an answer to the question, "Why do energy drinks make me tired?" It's because they're high in sugar and caffeine.

It's time to wean yourself off of these beverages and appreciate the alternatives we discussed.

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