Optimum Nutrition: Gold Standard 100% Whey Full Review

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 Optimum Nutrition: Gold Standard 100% Whey Full Review

Optimum Nutrition is one of the most well-known supplement companies, and their 100 percent Gold Standard whey is widely regarded as one of, if not the most popular protein powder available.

Let's take a look at why this is the most popular whey protein in the world.

Texture and Taste

This product has a consistent flavor and texture that is relatively easy to blend. It blends well with a liquid of choice, leaving you with a thin and soft texture. Due to the smoothness of the protein powder that you're consuming, you rarely get lumps in the middle of your protein after blending with Optimum Nutrition.

The Double Rich Chocolate is our favorite!

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Gold Standard Whey contains 24 grams of protein, 5.5 grams of BCAAs, and 4 grams of glutamine and glutamine acid per shake, making it naturally low in sugar and fat. Each shake contains only 110 calories. Another significant advantage of Optimum Nutrition's Gold Standard Whey is that it contains 82.5 grams of protein per 100 grams of powder, which is significantly higher than most other leading brands.

It's critical to drink a shake in the morning and another within 20 minutes of finishing your workout, as it is with all whey proteins. Gold standard whey is one of the most effective protein supplements available, and in comparison to most other protein brands, Optimum Nutrition's quality standards are unrivaled, as their loyal customers can attest.


Due to its thin and soft texture, gold standard whey is simple to mix. The product is more 'liquified' than some of its competitors, which simply means you won't have to vigorously shake your mixer to avoid getting a mouthful of unbounded protein.

Due to the fine powder in its basic form, Gold Standard can also be easily and effectively added to other products. Making it simple to incorporate into cakes, buns, or any other baking or cooking that takes your fancy.

Final Thoughts

When you consider the effectiveness of 100 percent Whey, it's easy to see why Optimum Nutrition is so far ahead of the competition when it comes to Whey Protein. The smooth and soft texture of Gold Standard's 100 percent Whey, as well as the nutritional benefits, make it the world's best-selling product.

When it comes to purchasing a protein powder, Bodybulk's 'gold standard' is the Gold Standard Whey. If the phrase “you get what you pay for” means anything to you, this product is well worth your money.

If you won’t, you can buy Optimum Nutrition's Gold Standard   

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