3 Suggetions For Overcoming Exercise Anxiety

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3 Suggetions For Overcoming Exercise Anxiety

3 Suggetions For Overcoming Exercise Anxiety

Every day, anxiety affects a large number of people. It may manifest as a desire not to leave the house for some, while for others, it may manifest as severe discomfort when in groups of people. If you notice that exercise makes you feel anxious or afraid, it's worth thinking about how you can overcome these feelings while still taking care of your body. Rather than avoiding physical activity altogether, you might want to alter the ways you exercise as well as the location where you exercise. Here are three suggestions to help you overcome your fear of exercising:

Have a Friend

It can be beneficial to have a friend with you when you go to the gym, jog around the park, or even workout at home. Not only will this make the experience more enjoyable for you both, but you may also feel more at ease knowing that someone you can trust is right there with you. To take your mind off your exercise anxiety, look into pair exercises that allow you to both play while staying in shape.

Because both physical and mental health are important, it's a good idea to find ways to cope with any anxieties you may be experiencing. Exercising can also help to alleviate these concerns by releasing endorphins and increasing self-confidence.

Exercise at Home

Exercise does not have to be done in a group setting. If you really don't want to work up a sweat in front of others, think about how you can train at home. Some types of equipment, such as these 5kg hex dumbbells, are small enough that you can do different exercises within a bedroom, even if you have a small home, live with flatmates, or even with your parents. 

You don't have to work out in private for the rest of your life. Once you've gained enough confidence, you can try exercising in public places. For the time being, the most important thing is that you are moving your body because of the health benefits it provides to your organs, muscles, and joints.

Take into account the timing

It's perfectly understandable if you don't want to exercise at home, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't. If you want to exercise outside the home, whether at a park or a gym, but don't want to go when it's crowded, it's a good idea to do some research first. Gyms are generally quieter during off-peak hours, such as when people are at work or, if the gym is open 24 hours a day, very late at night and very early in the morning. You should probably avoid going right before and right after work, as this is when the majority of people are most likely to go, which will hinder your exercise.

When the population grows, you can gradually begin going, allowing you to ease into working out in front of strangers.

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