10 Fun Ways To Become More Active – Every Day

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Every Day: 10 Fun Ways To Get More Active

 You're aware that you should be exercising, and you're aware of the numerous health benefits that come with leading a more active lifestyle. You've tried going to the gym, but it's not for you. The temptation to just sit in front of the TV, snuggle up with a nice book, or spend some extra time on the computer is simply too strong. After all, who wants to go to the gym right now?

There are several ways to become more active that do not include running, weight lifting, or other “conventional” exercises. To get you started, here are a few ideas.

1) Go for a run around the yard with your kids.

You'd be shocked how much exercise you'll get from playing catch with your children. While you are having fun, time will fly by, and your children will appreciate the additional time with you. Just get out there and have some fun.

2) Play loud music in the living room and dance around it.

Play some energetic music and dance about the home while you're dusting, putting up dishes, clearing up the kids' rooms, or if you've been sitting around for too long. You'll not only raise your heart rate, but you'll have more pleasure completing some of those duties as well.

3) Put some flowers in the garden

Get out there and plant some flowers when the weather is pleasant. You may also plant a tree, develop a small vegetable garden, trim some bushes, and cut the grass. You get my drift. Simply get outside, breathe in the fresh air, and play in the dirt. In our opinion, this qualifies as an exercise.

4) Take a stroll with a friend

Invite a buddy to join you on your stroll. While walking, I've had some of the most interesting talks. Time flies when you're chatting with a friend, and before you realize it, you've been strolling for 30 minutes.

5) While walking, listen to music or an audio book.

Again, if you concentrate your mind on anything else, the time will fly by and you'll have more pleasure on your stroll. You should also think about obtaining an MP3 player. You may quickly add the music you wish to listen to before going for a stroll.

6) Attend a Yoga or Pilates class.

Starting a yoga or Pilates class is a good idea. Both of these exercises are low-impact and will not leave you sweating or sore (mostly). It's also possible that you'll like meeting new individuals in the class.

7) Take a few of dance classes with your partner.

Now comes the difficult part: persuade your companion to attend dancing lessons. Dancing is a great workout as well as a lot of fun and, of course, romantic. Consider all of your possibilities. You may choose from a variety of dance styles, such as ballroom, line, and Latin. Take a chance on something that interests you. You'll also appreciate the extra one-on-one time with your companion.

8) Go for a Swim at a YMCA or Aquatic Center Near You

Swimming is a terrific way to get some workout. It has a mild impact and is gentle on the joints. Swim a few laps or play in the pool with your kids to get started.

9) Take a Bicycle Ride

Take the whole family on a bike ride. You may go for a ride in your neighborhood in the evenings or arrange a weekend excursion. For added enjoyment, bring a lunch and go pedaling.

10) Take a Hike

Go for a hike and look for hiking paths in your region. This may be a fun project for you and a friend, or you could do it with the whole family. Begin with short, easier routes and work your way up to longer, more difficult terrain.

Choose one or two of the activities and get started. I'm sure you'll come up with a slew of your own variations. The most essential thing is to discover something you like doing, so start looking now and get movig today.

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