Best Supplements For Quitting Smoking

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helps stop smoking

Best Vitamins and Minerals Supplements helps stop smoking

Certain vitamins and minerals can be very useful in quitting smoking and preventing the anxiety and weight gain that generally occurs when someone quits smoking.

We give this list of vitamins and minerals to help you quit smoking so you may learn about the nutrients they supply that are required to combat the harmful effects of smoking on your health.

1) Vitamin C

A nonsmoker requires around 1,000 mg of vitamin C per day, but a smoker may require over 3000 mg. Smoking affects the body's supply of vitamin C by up to 40%, resulting in a deficit that can cause serious health problems over time. Taking more vitamin C for brief periods of time can help lessen nicotine cravings by binding to nicotine and helping it to filter readily and be transported to the liver and kidneys for elimination. Learn more!

2) Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a very potent antioxidant. It is thought to be extremely essential in avoiding heart attacks. Because of the increased stress on the heart caused by smoking, such prophylaxis afforded by Vit E is especially crucial for smokers. In addition to helping to prevent heart attacks in smokers, vitamin E's antioxidant effects may also aid to minimize respiratory system damage. Learn more!

3) Beta Carotene

The immune system is boosted by beta carotene, which helps to maintain it healthy throughout nicotine withdrawal. It may also offer some cancer prevention, while studies such as the Beta Carotene Cancer Prevention Trial (ATBC) and the Retinol Efficacy Trial (CARET) show that smoking may lead beta carotene to have the opposite effect over time. As a result, taking beta carotene supplements is only advised if you are about to stop smoking.

Natural beta carotene from meals such as green leafy vegetables and orange or yellow fruits is considerably more absorbed than beta carotene given in tablet form. Learn more!

4) Calcium

In addition to the damage nicotine and tobacco cause to the heart and lungs, studies such as those conducted by the Center for Clinical and Basic Research in 2000 suggest that smoking may increase the rate of bone loss that  naturally occurs with 'age. Calcium, which is a important mineral for health and bones,  is removed from our body by nicotine. Taking a calcium supplement or increased natural calcium intake, you can counteract this effect while maintaining your bones healthy to prevent breakage and other damages. Learn more!

5) Herbs supplements

Herbal supplements, in addition to normal vitamin supplements, can aid in the cessation of smoking habits while alleviating stress and despair associated with nicotine withdrawal. St. John's wort is recommended for bringing serenity and helping to be in a good mood, while black cohosh and ginseng are indicated for relieving tension. Herbal supplements are frequently available in pill or tea form, and some specialist blends can be made expressly to help people stop smoking.

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