6 Simple Fat Loss Tips That Helped Him Drop 100 Pounds

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6 Simple Fat Loss Tips That Helped Him Drop 100 Pounds

Finding food alternatives

Desjardins struggled to maintain a caloric deficit during the start of his weight loss program (i.e., the condition in which your body burns more calories than it consumes). "I just didn't know how many calories were in the item," he says..” “So, to keep things easy, all you have to do is be calorie-conscious and pick foods that are fewer in calories but may taste the same… It will make fat reduction much easier because you will still be able to eat your favorite meals.”

Limiting liquid calories

Desjardins adds, “I just quit drinking my calories,” referring to the sugar-laden iced coffee beverages and energy drinks he used to consume on a regular basis.

Physical activity every day

He explains, I made everyday movement non-negotiable. I'm not suggesting that you go to the gym every day, but getting out for a long walk, doing some type of cardio or lifting, whatever it takes, start moving every day… It's a terrific habit to develop, not only because of the calories it burns, but also because of the mental benefits.

Set short-term goals

Desjardins notes that in order to stay on track with his longer-term goals, he was continually chasing a new goal, whether it was dropping a few pounds or a modest reduction in his waist size.

“Weight reduction might be scary,” he adds, “since it's difficult to stay enthusiastic about something that you won't see results on for a couple of months.” “So, whether you're attempting to lose a little weight or a lot, creating short-term objectives will keep you motivated the entire time.

Drink more water

Staying hydrated is important for staying active and healthy, but Desjardins also drinks a gallon of water every day to help him feel full and satiated, particularly in the evenings when he wants to avoid nibbling.

Adjust your mindset

Desjardins supports a "change in identity" away from seeing oneself as someone who goes to the gym to lose weight and instead defines themselves as someone who is invested in their fitness and goes to the gym as part of their lifestyle. "If it's part of your identity, you're not going to contemplate the idea of not doing it," he adds.

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